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____ emphasized feelings and imagination as sources of knowing.
a) Rationalism
b) Romantism
c) Conservativism
d) Relpolitik

To Darwin, ____ was central to organic evolution.
a) natural selection
b) genetic engineering
c) natural production
d) organic selection

The ____ was crucial to Britain’s Industrial Revolution.
a) bicylce
b) flying shuttle
c) water-powered loom
d) steam engine

The social change brought about by the Industrial Revolution was evident in the
a) emergence of the middle class and the working class.
b) growing death rates, due to accidents on the highways.
c) thick air pollution that choked the British Isles.
d) widespread famines caused by families abandoning their farms.

The pitiful conditions created by the Industrial Revolution gave rise to
a) the Iron Workers’ Revolt of 1886.
b) the organization of charitable groups.
c) socialism, in which society owns and controls the means of production.
d) a cry for rights for animals that worked in coal mines.

Among other things, the romantics valued
a) individualism
b) socialism
c) conservativism
d) neoism

Who proposed the germ theory of disease?
a) Farhid Molotof
b) Michael Faraday
c) Louis Pasteur
d) Charles Darwin

____ was a literary and visual arts movement that rejected romanticism.
a) Evolutionism
b) Nationalism
c) Secularism
d) Realism

The ____________________ theory stated that the sun was the center of the universe.
a) Geocentricism
b) Ptolamiac System
c) Heliocentrism
d) Solar System

In France, the Third Estate paid 100% of the chief tax, which was called the ____________________ .
a) Jacobin
b) Girdondin
c) Taille
d) Antoinette

The ____________________, or middle class, included merchants, bankers, and industrialists.
a) working class
b) bourgeoisie
c) anarchy
d) abolitionists

During the ____________________, close to 40,000 people were killed.
a) Reign of Fire
b) Days of Terror
c) Terrorist Movement
d) Reign of Terror

____________________ is the unique cultural identity of a people based on their common factors.
a) Rationalism
b) Capitalism
c) Proletariat
d) Nationalism

____________________ were people interested in finding new business opportunities and new ways to make profits.
a) Captialists
b) Liberals
c) Entrepreneurs
d) Urbanites

During the Industrial Revolution, people increasingly rejected religion or religious consideration. This was called ____________________.
a) Clergy
b) secularism
c) conservativism
d) liberalism

The brutal life led by the urban poor in England was described in literature by ____________________, who was known for writing Oliver Twist.
a) Charles Dickens
b) Charles Darwin
c) Edgar Allen Poe
d) Mary Shelly

This term means blank mind
a) tabula rasa
b) laissez faire
c) philosophes
d) bill of rights

The intellectuals of the enlightenment were called
a) enlighteners
b) laissez faire
c) philosophes
d) tabula rasa

Earth at the center of a series of concentric spheres
a) Galileo Galilei
b) Ptolemaic System
c) Balthasar Neumann
d) Articles of Confederation

The idea that the state should not interfere with the economy
a) philosophes
b) tabula rasa
c) ptolemiac system
d) laissez faire

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