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The era of Manifest Destiny is characterized by
a) civil war
b) social reform
c) expansion overseas
d) westward movement

During which time period did most territorial expansion of the US take place?
a) early 1700s
b) late 1700s
c) early 1800s
d) early 1900s

What year did the US purchas the Louisiana Territory?
a) 1803
b) 1789
c) 1812
d) 1861

Which treaty ended the US-Mexican war?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Treaty of Washington
c) Adams-Onis Treaty
d) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

How did many Americans act on their belief in Manifest Destiny?
a) Threw a party
b) Got jobs
c) Moved west
d) Went to college

Which modern day states can be found in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Kansas and Nebraska
b) Louisiana and Texas
c) Oregon and Washington
d) Oklahoma and Missouri

What was the earliest route through to the West Coast called?
a) Foster Trail
b) Westward Trail
c) Mormon Trail
d) Oregon Trail

What is NOT required for a territory to become a state?
a) election of state governor
b) Population of 60,000 people
c) established form of currency
d) appointment of the first postmaster

What territory was acquired during the era of Manifest Destiny?
a) west of the Mississippi river
b) southeast US
c) Canadian border
d) west of the Appalachian mountains

What territory was added to the US as a result of the US-Mexico war?
a) northeast
b) east coast
c) southwest
d) northwest

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