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What measuring devices are placed near the volcano to help predict eruptions?
a) Seismometer and seismograph
b) Seismometer and tiltmeter
c) Tiltmeter and seismograph
d) Seismograph and robot

When are island arcs formed?
a) At convergent boundaries when a plate undergoes subduction. The plate melts forming magma. The magma then rises.
b) Not at a plate boundaries when magma rises to the surface.
c) At transform boundaries, the magma rises because of the pressure and forms a chain of volcanoes.
d) At divergent plate boundaries, the rock layers separate exposing the magma and thus releasing it.

What is a cinder-cone volcano?
a) Lava flows quickly from a crack in the Earth's crust, has very gentle slopes.
b) Made of layers of cinders. Forms around a central vent containing magma
c) Formed when explosive eruptions of sticky lava alternate with quieter eruptions of volcanic rock bits
d) A volcano

Volcanoes are classified by all of the following except?
a) How often eruptions occur
b) The way they erupt
c) Where they are located
d) Type of Lava

What are the three names for volcanoes based on how often eruptions occur?
a) Intermittent, dormant and extinct
b) Gentle, explosive and both
c) Violent, sticky and fluid
d) Often, little and dead

Which tectonic plate is the Ring of Fire located around?
a) Nazoa Plate
b) Caribbean Plate
c) Philippine Plate
d) Pacific Plate

Volcanic rocks the size of golf balls, baseballs and softballs are called?
a) Bombs
b) Big rocks
c) Magma
d) Cinders

High temperatures and pressures in Earth can cause rock to melt...
a) the melted rock is called lava
b) the melted rock is called bombs
c) the melted rock is called magma
d) the melted rock is called volcanicdebris

What is a volcano?
a) Any opening in Earth's crust through which hot gases, rocks and melted material erupt
b) A large mountain spewing with red-hot lava
c) A opening in Earth's crust on top of a mountain
d) A mountain that only erupts violently

What is a hot spot?
a) Extremely hot places deep within Earth's mantle
b) Extremely hot places in a volcano
c) Extremely hot places in the ocean
d) Extremely hot places in an oven

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