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Cattle drives and wars with Indians in Texas took place during this era
a) 1820-1835
b) 1836-1845
c) 1860-1900
d) 1920-1935

The development of ranching instead of farming in West Texas was primarily influenced by
a) water resources
b) politics
c) railroads
d) discovery of oil

After the Civil War, American Indians
a) had drought and famine
b) moved west to find buffalo
c) switched to farming
d) were relocated to reservations

Which of the following was NOT a means of transportation during the time
a) automobiles
b) railroads
c) horses
d) steamboats

Who was a former Texas governor and set up Texas Railroad Commission
a) James Hogg
b) Ms Foster
c) Boss Ikard
d) Charles Goodnight

Why did Germans immigrate to Texas?
a) cheap land and good climate
b) more food
c) wars in Germany
d) help build the railroads

What part of Texas is cattle mainly found in?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

What was NOT a factor that fostered westward expansion into Texas?
a) removal of American Indians
b) growth of railroads
c) failure of cotton crops
d) land for farming and ranching

Who adapted to the environment with the fewest modificiations?
a) American Indians
b) farmers
c) ranchers
d) miners

What is a modern day solution for delivering water to dry arid land?
a) desalinzation
b) windmills
c) water restriction
d) irrigation

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