Adaptations And Habitats #1 Question Preview (ID: 1741)

This Is The First Part Of The Adaptations And Habitats Review.

Organisms adapt their _______ and _________ to meet their life needs.
a) structure and behavior
b) eyes and ears
c) homes and barns
d) structure and donations

Within a community, organisms are __________ on the survival of other organisms
a) independent
b) compared
c) dependent
d) special

What are the four things a habitat provides for a living thing?
a) shelter, food, games, a car
b) food, water, shelter, games
c) shelter, water, food, space
d) shelter, water, food, energy

A _______ is the function a living thing performs in the food web of its community.
a) energy
b) niche
c) ride
d) essay

The organization of a _______ depends on the niches within it and how they relate to each other.
a) community
b) population
c) ecosystem
d) barn

No two types of organisms occupy the exact same ________ in a community.
a) habitat
b) shelter
c) home
d) niche

Which one is an example of a structural adaptation?
a) webbed feet
b) migration
c) hibernation
d) running fast

Which one is an example of a behavioral adaptation?
a) webbed feet
b) camoflage
c) migration
d) big ears

Humans can have __________ impact on an ecosystem.
a) no
b) some
c) a major
d) very litte

Organisms _______ to their environments in order to survive.
a) adhere
b) adjust
c) move
d) adapt

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