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One side of a claw hammer can be used to pound nails into a board. The other side can be used to pry nails out of a board. What type of simple machine is the part of the hammer that removes nails?
a) lever
b) wedge
c) pulley

Which simple machine allows a person to lift heavy objects straight up by pulling down on a rope?
a) wedge
b) pulley
c) lever

As a wavelength decreases, the crests of the wave
a) wider
b) shorter
c) closer together

All of these are transverse waves EXCEPT
a) radio
b) xray
c) sound

The length from rest to crest is the?
a) Amplitude
b) wavelength
c) rest

Work is only done when ___________________________________.
a) the force exerted on an object is in the same direction as the object’s motion.
b) stays in the same place
c) force moves in oppisite direction.

1) Amy uses 20N of force to push a lawn mower 10 meters. How much work does she do?
a) 200 J
b) 30 J
c) 20 J

A gardener uses a lever to lift a rock from the ground. The gardener applies a force of 50 newtons and moves the rock 1.5 meters. w=F×d How much work is being done by the gardener?
a) 75.0
b) 30.0
c) 50.0

A scientist measured the amount of work done by a series of simple machines. The work the scientist recorded was most likely measured in
a) grams
b) joules
c) grams

What type of simple machines make up a wheelbarrow?
a) lever and wheel and axel
b) pulley and wedge
c) inclined plane

Velocity describes what two things?
a) speed and direction
b) time and speed
c) distance

Judy roller-skates at a speed of 5 meters per second. What is the distance covered by Judy in 2 seconds?
a) 10 meters
b) 7 meters
c) 5 meters

Speed can be calculated by dividing distance by time. What would your average speed be if it takes you one-half hour (hr) to travel 10 kilometers (km)?
a) 20 km/hr
b) 30 km/hr
c) 40 km/hr

Newtons 3 law states:
a) every object stays in motion
b) For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
c) everything stops

What is Newton first law?
a) Law of speed
b) Law of motion
c) Law of Inertia

A falling rock has an acceleration of about 10 meters/second2. If the force of gravity on the rock is 40 newtons, what is the mass of the rock? F=MA use M= F/A
a) 4kg
b) .25 kg
c) 6kg

A car is speeding on a racetrack. The car begins to make a turn and all of a sudden it runs through a large amount of oil on the track. According to Newton's third law, which statement best describes what happens to the car?
a) The tires spin faster which slows down the car causing it to be unable to make the turn.
b) The oil prevents the road from pushing on the tires with a force equal and opposite to the force which the tires apply to the
c) car stops

High frequency waves have ________ wavelengths.
a) short
b) long
c) no

Radio waves have _____________________________.
a) low frequencies and long wavelengths
b) high frequencies and short wavelengths
c) low frequencies and short wavelengths

Often after an ice or snow storm, sand or kitty litter is used on sidewalks to prevent people from slipping and falling down. This is used to increase __________.
a) friction
b) speed
c) acceleration

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