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Slope is the relationship between
a) run/rise
b) rise/run
c) yes/no
d) change in x/change in y

My dog's name is
a) Pepper
b) Rooster
c) Becca
d) Ussery

My busband is
a) Lee
b) Jim
c) Jason
d) Rooster

My daughter is
a) becca
b) Rooster
c) Lee
d) Stacey

My favorite color is
a) blue
b) green
c) orange
d) red

I want to live at
a) the beach
b) the slope
c) the blue
d) rod

14 is
a) The dog
b) i
c) i
d) sifo

a) dg
b) d
c) gd
d) asdf

233 33213
a) asdf
b) sda
c) asd
d) sdfa

a) asdf
b) asdfff
c) asggggg
d) dsgads

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