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The stroma is the region outside the
a) thylakoids.
b) chloroplasts.
c) plant cells.
d) all of these.

A granum is a
a) stack of chloroplasts.
b) stack of thylakoids.
c) membrane enclosing a thylakoid.
d) photosynthetic pigment molecule.

Which of the following organisms makes its own food using light energy from the sun?
a) mushroom
b) amoeba
c) leopard
d) oak tree

The loss of water by the leaves and stems of a plant is called
a) osmosis
b) active transport
c) transpiration
d) fermentation

What gas is used in the first step of the Calvin Cycle?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) water
d) hydrogen

Glycolysis and aerobic respiration are different in that
a) glycolysis occurs in the cell membrane, while aerobic respiration occurs in the mitochondria.
b) glycolysis occurs only in photosynthesis, while aerobic respiration is part of cellular respiration.
c) glycolysis occurs in the absence of oxygen while aerobic respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen.
d) both of these terms are different names for the same process.

Cells store energy when
a) the third phosphate group breaks off from the ATP molecule.
b) they break down sucrose to glucose and fructose
c) a third phosphate group is bonded to an ADP molecules to make ATP
d) ions are released into the bloodstream

The main energy-trapping molecule in plants is _______.
a) chloroplast
b) chlorophyll
c) stroma
d) carotenoids

In what organisms does alcoholic fermentation take place?
a) yeast and some bacteria
b) viruses
c) fruit flies
d) plants

Where in the chloroplast in chlorophyll found?
a) in the ATP
b) in the stroma
c) in the thylakoid membrane
d) in the cytoplasm

What are the products of the light-dependent reactions?
a) oxygen gas and glucose
b) ATP, NADPH and oxygen gas
c) ATP, carbon dioxide gas and NADPH
d) carbon dioxide gas, oxygen gas and NADPH

The Calvin cycle is another name for the
a) light-independent reactions.
b) light-dependent reactions.
c) photosynthesis reaction.
d) electron transport chain.

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