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Money that conquered people are forced to pay in return for protection is called
a) taxes
b) tribute
c) interest
d) ransom

The Code of Hammurabi was the world's first effort to
a) teach others how to farm
b) write down laws
c) punish criminals
d) develop irrigation

In the Greek language, what does the name Mesopotamia mean?
a) land where the rivers meet
b) land that reaches the sea
c) land of many waters
d) land between two rivers

The Fertile Crescent is
a) a place that produced the most food in the world
b) an area with rich soil shaped like a quarter moon
c) a special food served in Mesopotamia
d) A fertile land in Asia

A self-governing city and its surrounding lands is called
a) a community
b) a village
c) a city-state
d) an open-city

The weather conditions in a place over a long period of time is the
a) vegetation
b) climate
c) agriculture
d) irrigation

A group of lands and people under one ruler is called
a) an empire
b) an economy
c) religion
d) industry

A scribe received special training in
a) reading historical texts
b) writing hieroglyphics
c) prayer
d) agriculture

The practice of one person owning another is called
a) economy
b) an empire
c) slavery
d) writing

When the Nile River overflowed, it caused the land to be
a) too wet and muddy
b) very rich and fertile
c) stripped of minerals
d) covered with large stones

People were able to specialize at one job because
a) they traveled to learn different skills
b) they were more educated
c) there were surpluses in the crops they grew
d) their parents trained them

A drought is a long period of
a) hurricanes
b) storms
c) dry weather
d) climate

Most of Egypt is made up of
a) forests
b) deserts
c) rivers
d) mountains

The belief in MANY gods is called
a) polytheism
b) tradition
c) Christianity
d) monotheism

Which date occurred the EARLIEST?
a) 500 BC
b) 1000 BC
c) 9000 BC
d) 250 BC

Two equal halves of the earth are called
a) hemispheres
b) spheres
c) grids
d) coordinates

Which civilization had a centralized government
a) Egyptians
b) Sumerians

The Egyptians built
a) ziggurats
b) pyramids

Which date occurred last (most recent)?
a) 2000 BC
b) 750 BC
c) 1000 BC
d) 150 BC

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