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This disease is transmitted by infected animals.
a) rubella
b) chicken pox
c) mono
d) rabies

This disease is caused by the virus herpes varicella
a) chicken pox
b) rubella
c) shingles
d) mono

the Epstein-Barr virus causes this infection.
a) chicken pox
b) mononucleosis
c) shingles
d) rubella

the virus herpes zoster causes this disease
a) chicken pox
b) mono
c) shingles
d) rabies

Being exposed or having this disease during pregnancy may lead to congential abnormalities.
a) shingles
b) rabies
c) chicken pox
d) rubella

Which term describes the role of the spleen in removing and destroying worn our RBCs
a) hematopoietic
b) hemolytic
c) hemorrhagic
d) hematogenesis

Which term describes any substance the body regards a foreign?
a) antibody
b) antihistamine
c) antigen
d) agglutinin

Which test is used to confirm a diagnosis of HIV?
b) Scratch Test
c) Western Blot
d) Sed Rate

Which form of immunity is obtained by an attack of an infectious disease?
a) artificial active immunity
b) natural active immunity
c) natural passive immunity
d) artificial passive immunity

The study of tumors and cancer is
a) oncology
b) oncologist
c) onco
d) lymphology

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