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Characteristics Of The Universe Such As Life Cycle Of Stars. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The reason giants are so bright is:
a) They are very hot
b) Their large size
c) Their high temperatures
d) Their apparent magnitude

Which is the correct sequece of the life cycle of a low mass star?
a) Nebula, Proto Star, Main Sequence, Giant, White Dwarf, and Black Dwarf
b) Proto Star, Nebula, Giant, Main Sequence, White Dwarf, and Black Dwarf
c) Nebula, Protostar, Black Dwarf, White Dwarf, Main Sequence, and Giant
d) Nebula, Protostar, Main Sequence, Supergiant, Super Nova, Black Hole

How many days does it tak to go from a New Moon to a Full Moon?
a) 7 Days
b) 14 Days
c) 28 Days
d) 1 Year

What is the name of the graph that shows the absolute magnitude and temperature of stars?
a) Red Shift Graph
b) Hubble Diagram
c) Hertsprung-Russell Diagram
d) Apparent Brightness of Star Diagram

Which galaxy contains little gas or dust?
a) Barrel
b) Elliptical
c) Irregular
d) Spiral

Which theory describes the universe began with a big bang and is expanding.
a) Closed Theory
b) Open Theory
c) Steady-State Theory
d) None of these

Which star has the greatest apparent magnitude?
a) Proxima Centari
b) Betelgeuse
c) Barnard's Star
d) Sun

The colors for the stars from hottest to coolest is:
a) Red, Orange, Yellow, White, and Blue
b) Red, White, Blue, Orange, and Yellow
c) Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, and Red
d) Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, and White

The Earth _______ around the Sun.
a) rotates
b) revolves
c) is tilted
d) wobbles

The shift to the red in the light spectrum for a galaxy means the galaxy is:
a) moving away earth
b) moving toward the earth
c) getting hotter
d) getting cooler

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