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An abbreviation for an element is
a) an icon
b) an ion
c) a symbol
d) a fomula

An acid and a base react to produce salt and
a) water
b) Hydrogen ions
c) Hydroxide ions
d) indicator

The shorthand way to describe what takes place in a chemical reaction is
a) an exothermic reaction
b) a chemcial equation
c) an endothermic reaction
d) a symbol

The type of reaction in which substances combine is called
a) decomposition
b) synthesis
c) single replacement
d) double replacement

The range on the pH scale is
a) -14 to 14
b) 0 -100
c) -7 to +7
d) 0 to 14

The atomic weight is the sum of the protons and
a) atoms
b) nuclei
c) protons
d) electrons

The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of
a) Protons or electrons
b) Neutrons
c) nuclei
d) atoms

Lemon, vinegar and OJ are all examples of
a) Base
b) Acid
c) indicators
d) neutral solutions

Red cabbage juice is a
a) Base
b) Acid
c) Neutral solution
d) indicator

Carbon has an atomic number of 6 and a weight of 12. How many protons does it have
a) 3
b) 6
c) 12
d) 18

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