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Lost body parts can be replaced through a type of asexual reproduction called ____________.
a) cloning
b) regeneration
c) budding
d) fertilization

Human eggs and sperm contain only ________ chromosomes each.
a) 46
b) 21
c) 23
d) 42

In _____________ reproduction, organisms are produced from only one parent.
a) sexual
b) asexual
c) cloning
d) mutation

Division of the nucleus that produces two nuclei with the same genetic information is called ___________
a) meiosis
b) budding
c) mitosis
d) mutation

What is the main purpose of mitosis?
a) to produce a new sex cell
b) to pair up chromosomes of a cell
c) to reduce the number of chromosomes in a cell by half
d) to make a copy of the genetic material in a cell's nucleus

How many different bases make up DNA?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What are sperm and eggs?
a) genes
b) sex cells
c) traits
d) variations

Genes carry information that determines
a) alleles
b) ribosomes
c) chromosomes
d) traits

In ____________ reproduction, a single parent has offspring that are genetically identical to the parent.
a) sexual
b) fertilization
c) asexual
d) meiosis

Making copies of organisms is called _____________.
a) meiosis
b) cloning
c) fertilization
d) sex cells

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