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What state do you live in?
a) Nebraska
b) Oklahoma
c) Kansas
d) Missouri

What is the state reptile?
a) Ornate Box Turtle
b) Scorpion
c) Gila Monster
d) Rattlesnake

What is our state tree?
a) a palm tree
b) a tall tree
c) a Cottonwood tree
d) apple tree

What is our state mammal?
a) buffalo
b) giraffe
c) monkey
d) dolphin

What is Kansas?
a) a store
b) a park
c) a town
d) a state

What is the state flower?
a) daisy
b) sunflower
c) rose
d) grass

Where is the capital of Kansas?
a) Emporia
b) Kansas City
c) Topeka
d) Olpe

What month is Kansas Day in?
a) January
b) March
c) April
d) December

What day is Kansas' birthday?
a) July 23rd
b) May 5th
c) December 4th
d) January 29th

How old is Kansas?
a) 10 years old
b) 153 years old
c) 100 years old
d) 40 years old

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