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Who believes that salvation is earned by giving up all selfish desires
a) Christians
b) Jews
c) Muslims
d) Buddhists

Who developed the 12 Tables and had an extensive system of roads
a) Greece
b) Rome
c) Sicily
d) China

What is the sacred river for the Hindus
a) The Huang He
b) The Ganges
c) The Yellow River
d) The Nile

What is the major trade route from China to the Middle East
a) The Columbian Exchange
b) The Northwest Passage
c) The Silk Road
d) The subway

Where did the earliest humans evolve
a) America
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) India

What city has a religious significance for Jews, Christians and Muslims
a) Paris
b) Egypt
c) Jerusalem
d) Rome

What was the reason for the Sunnis and Shiites split
a) the death of Mohammad
b) fall of Rome
c) Neolithic Revolution
d) the death of Cleopatra

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are
a) scientists
b) mathematicians
c) pyschologists
d) philosophers

Egyptians excelled in this (think pyramids)
a) architecture
b) geometry
c) science
d) math

The idea that dynasties rise and fall
a) China
b) bicycle
c) Dynastic Cycle
d) empipres

System of government where land is exchanged for military service and loyalty
a) republic
b) democracy
c) direct democracy
d) feudalism

Worshipping many Gods
a) monotheism
b) polytheism
c) alottatheism
d) atheism

Items left behind by an ancient culture are examples of this
a) artifacts
b) architecture
c) art
d) rocks

The belief that one's culture is superior to another
a) eccentric
b) egomaniacs
c) earthy
d) ethnocentrism

What is the name of the journey that Muslims have to take to Mecca
a) hijra
b) pilgrimmage
c) hajj
d) Silk Road

Who invented the civil service exam, gunpowder and porcelain
a) China
b) Greece
c) Rome
d) India

Who prays five times per day
a) Christians
b) Jews
c) Muslims
d) Hindus

What was the military state in Ancient Greece
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Rome
d) Greece

What is the final goal of Buddhism
a) reincarnation
b) heaven
c) hell
d) nirvana

What determines your caste
a) money
b) power
c) birth
d) death

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