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The process of reading one gene to make an mRNA is called
a) DNA replication
b) transcription
c) translation
d) mutation

Transcription occurs in the ________.
a) cytoplasm
b) double helix
c) ribosome
d) nucleus

RNA has the nitrogen base uracil instead of
a) Thymine
b) Adenine
c) Guanine
d) Cytosine

The end result of transcription is
a) one amino acid
b) a protein molecule
c) a new strand of RNA
d) two new strands of DNA

Amino acids join together to create
a) RNA
b) proteins
c) DNA
d) nucleic acids

What will the new RNA strand look like if the DNA strand reads ATTACG?

The adenine from a strand of DNA will pair with what molecule of RNA?
a) thymine
b) cytosine
c) guanine
d) uracil

What is the job of RNA? a) To create proteins b)
a) To create amino acids from cell chemicals
b) To carry some of the information contained in DNA
c) To provide a site for the protein to be made from DNA
d) None of the above

The step in making a protein that follows transcription is _______.
a) DNA replication
b) RNA replication
c) translation
d) DNA transcription

Which enzyme (protein) is responsible for producing mRNA?
a) hemoglobin
b) RNA polymerase
c) RNA pepsidase
d) RNA formase

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