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Which one is a living thing?
a) sun
b) computer
c) thermometer
d) tree

Which one is a plant?
a) tulip
b) horse
c) dog
d) cat

All animals need 4 things. Which four things do they need?
a) toys, treats, balls, and presents
b) air, water, food, and sunlight
c) mansion, pretzels, computer, and gameshow
d) Duchess, Hiker, Princess, and Shadow

Plants need 4 things. Which four things do they need?
a) station, pencil, paper, and crayons
b) sticker, glitter, markers, and glue
c) air, soil, water, and sunlight
d) tray, milk, hamburger, and hot dog

Which type of animal has hair, has live babies, and breathes oxygen?
a) reptile
b) mammal
c) fish
d) amphibian

What kind of baby would a frog have?
a) tadpole
b) calf
c) duckling
d) foal

Where are the roots of the plant?
a) floating in the air
b) on the seeds
c) on the petals
d) under the ground

Which one is a root vegetable?
a) potato
b) carrot
c) corn
d) tomato

We eat the seeds from some plants. From which plant would we eat the seeds?
a) oranges
b) peaches
c) apples
d) beans

Which animal has sharp teeth?
a) horse
b) donkey
c) shark
d) cow

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