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A skydiver jumps from a plane and begins falling to the ground.What is the verb in the sentence?
a) skydiver
b) jumps
c) from
d) plane

Which is the proper noun?
a) apple
b) book
c) Walmart
d) school

Prehaps that is what ails your Captain Cook. I am, therefore, shipping you, under separate cover, our penguin. You may keep her. There is just a chance that the birds may get on better together. What does the word ails mean in this passage?
a) alive
b) suffering; sick
c) makes happy
d) penguin

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) Some team members feeds the koalas and cleaning the place where they live.
b) Some team members feed the koalas and clean the places where they live.
c) A whole team of peoples cared for them koalas.
d) A team of people cares for them.

Camp Fire is a group that helps young people. Everyone in the group learns by doing things. Sometimes these people camp and cook outside. They also help people and teach them to share and make friends. What is the main idea?
a) when young people have fun
b) who cooks over a camp fire
c) how young people learn from Camp Fire
d) how to make friends

Usually, dogs aren't allowed in the Friendly Corners Trailer Park, but, Mr. Alfred made an _____________________for Winn-Dixie.
a) excuse
b) exception
c) rule
d) accept

The cat acted suspiciously as the owner entered the room. What does suspicously mean in this sentence?
a) sick
b) like it was up to something
c) happy
d) sleepy

Do you eat breakfast every day? Reserachers have found that people who eat a balanced breakfast are likely to be healthier than those who don't. What does the word balanced mean in this sentence?
a) To keep something up without dropping it.
b) no breads
c) foods from different food groups
d) high in fiber

Our democratic government is influenced by Ancient Greece.
a) controlled
b) modeled
c) showed
d) fought

When a hedgehog is scared, it rolls into a prickly ball. Which word is a describing word in this sentence?
a) ball
b) prickly
c) hedgehog
d) scared

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