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The Great Awakening of the 1700s
a) came in response to a decline in religious piety.
b) depended exclusively on powerful evangelists from England.
c) healed the divisions that had grown up between existing congregations.
d) had little impact in the colonies

The American political system developed differently than the British political system because
a) Americans were reluctant to create local assemblies.
b) the provincial governors excercised great influence.
c) Britain did little to exert its authority before 1760.
d) most colonial governors were native-born Americans.

During the French and Indian War, colonial forces were engaged in
a) preventing a French invasion of northeastern cities.
b) protecting western settlements against Indian raids.
c) attacking Spanish forts to the South.
d) defending Tidewater Virginia from the French navy.

For the English colonists in North America, the major problem with mercantile policy was that
a) it crippled the Americna shipbuilding industry.
b) England did not want or need colonial goods.
c) it stopped immigration opportunities.
d) the English could not supply the manufactured goods that the colonists wanted.

The English colonization of North America
a) succeeded due to large gold reserves in Virginia.
b) resulted in the empowerment of Native Americans.
c) established trading centers in cities on the eastern seaboard.
d) failed to establish a significant cash crop.

The Carolinas exhibited all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
a) they prohibited slavery.
b) they had a written constitution that almost everyone ignored.
c) the proprietors had extensive powers from the king.
d) they welcomed settlers from any Christian faith.

The Quakers rejected all of the following religious and philosophic concepts EXCEPT
a) original sin.
b) church government.
c) predestination.
d) sexual equality.

The colony of Georgia was founded as a
a) moneymaking venture.
b) religious refuge for Catholics.
c) military buffer against the Spanish.
d) haven for middle-class artisans.

The longest and bloodiest war between whites and Indians in the 1600s was
a) King Philip's War.
b) the Pequot War.
c) the Tobacco War.
d) King John's War.

Of the folowing settlements, the one that was NOT established by dissenters leaving the Massachusetts Bay Colony was
a) Hartford.
b) Salem.
c) Providence.
d) New HAven.

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