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Use of terracing is an example of a society’s
a) religious beliefs
b) social stratification
c) geographic conditions
d) political siutations

The development of which early civilization was influenced most directly by the Tigris River, the
a) Chinese
b) Egyptian
c) Maya
d) Mesopotamia

Which geographic feature has helped isolate
a) Andes Mountains
b) Kalahari Desert
c) Himalya Mountains
d) Great Rift Valley

Which geographic feature most directly influenced the development of Greek city-states?
a) deserts
b) vast plains
c) mountainous terrain
d) monsoons

Which geographic factor contributed to the rise of the Renaissance in Italian city-states?
a) mountainous terrain of the Alps
b) location near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea
c) navigable waters of the Danube River
d) ease of travel on the Northern European Plain

Which geographic feature served as a barrier that protected ancient China and was used as an invasion route by the Aryans into ancient India?
a) deserts
b) mountains
c) rivers
d) plateaus

The term monsoons can be defined as
a) seasonal winds
b) sand deposits
c) ocean currents
d) mountain avalanches

A geographic similarity between Italy and India is that both of these countries are located
a) on peninsulas
b) on archipelagos
c) between two oceans
d) south of the equator

The Indus and Huang He (Yellow) rivers are both closely associated with
a) border disputes
b) sacred biblical sites
c) cradeles of early civilization
d) oil discoveries

One reason that many historians study geography is to
a) help predict changes in government
b) show connections between people and places
c) tell when events took place
d) explore the value systems of early people

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