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Central/main idea
a) most important idea the author makes
b) facts that support ideas
c) visual material used to clarify
d) vantage point from which the story is told

a) a universal idea
b) fully and clearly expressed
c) relating what you read to something else you know
d) facts that support ideas

a) to make plain, define
b) to mention
c) tell in your own words
d) to understand; to find meaning

a) to mention
b) to find
c) to say
d) to sum up

a) tell the facts; details
b) find
c) tell in own words
d) to find likenesses

a) to find differences
b) to understand
c) to find likenesses
d) find; point out

a) to find differences
b) to set apart
c) to find value
d) to hold up

a) understand meaning
b) universal idea
c) tell in your own words
d) to put forth; say

a) find likenesses
b) find differences
c) find; point out
d) understand meaning

a) to elaborate or expand
b) to decide
c) put together
d) to find value; judge

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