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Summers are caused by...
a) a combination of longer days and more direct rays of sunlight.
b) less direct rays from the same
c) longer days and shorter night
d) more direct rays and shorter days

The seasons are caused by..
a) Earth's changing rates of rotation.
b) Earth's varying distance from the Sun.
c) the tilt of the Earth's axis as it revolves around the Sun.
d) shifting climates on Earth's surface

For people in the southern hemisphere, which date marks the beginning of summer?
a) June 21
b) March 21
c) December 21
d) September 22

The shortest day of the year occurs:
a) on the summer solstice
b) on the fall solstice
c) on the winter solstice
d) on the spring solstice

Which of the following is not true about earth’s seasons?
a) Earth is closest to the sun during our summer time (July)
b) The hemisphere that is tilted towards the sun has longer daylight than the other hemisphere
c) When it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere
d) The 23.5 degree tilt of earth’s axis causes the seasons

If the Earth were NOT tilted, which of hte following would be true?
a) The equator and the north pole would be the same temperature
b) Seasons on Earth would not exist
c) Seasons on Earth would be more extreme
d) The Northern Hemisphere would have opposite seasons compared to the southern hemisphere.

What would happen to the seasons if the Earth was tilted 30 degree?
a) They would be more extreme
b) They would never change
c) They would be the same as they are now
d) They would be reversed

What would happen if the Earth was tilted to -23.5 degrees?
a) They would be more extreme.
b) They would never change.
c) They would be the same as they are now
d) They would be reversed.

How does the intensity of sunlight change as you more away from the equator?
a) It would increase
b) It would decrease
c) It does not change
d) I could not think of another choice so do not pick this one.

What happens to the length of day as you travel south from the equator on December 22nd.
a) It would decrease
b) Latitude doe not affect length of day
c) It would increase
d) The answer is not D.

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