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which tab do you use to place a pie chart in a spreadsheet
a) insert
b) home
c) view
d) formulas

what is an excel document called?
a) workbook
b) worksheet
c) document
d) presentation

what is it called when you send a single form letter to many recipients and include personal information on each recipient's document?
a) mail merge
b) chain letter
c) letter to grandma
d) business letter

you can change the height of a row or column in excel by clicking between the cells in those rows/columns and dragging the mouse
a) false
b) true
c) maybe
d) i don't know

to input text in a cell you only need to
a) click on cell and start typing
b) use the home tab
c) double click the cell and highlight the text
d) stand on your head and work upside down

to select a group of cells you click
a) in the middle of a cell and drag
b) at the bottom right of the selected cell
c) on the outer border of the cell and drag
d) in the column heading

to drag a formula from one cell to a group of other cells you would
a) use the fill handle
b) use the crosshair cursor
c) click in the middle of the cell, hold ctrl and drag
d) use the insert tab

to format a cell with a different font, color, etc.. you would need to double click the cell then choose your format
a) false
b) true
c) peanut butter and jelly
d) google

columns insert to the ___________, rows insert __________
a) left, above
b) above, left
c) above, right
d) above, below

how do you insert a new column?
a) right click in the column heading
b) left click anywhere in the column
c) use the insert tab
d) use the view tab

formulas always begin with
a) =
b) +
c) ;
d) :

a formula can only contain numbers
a) false
b) true
c) breakfast burrito
d) michael jordan

which of the following is not one of the chart tools contextual tabs?
a) portrait
b) design
c) layout
d) format

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