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Glacier Gorge hiking trail is 9 3/5 miles long. If you hike 1 3/5 miles per hour, how many hours will the hike take?
a) 6 hours
b) 1/6 hours
c) 9 hours
d) 9 1/5 hours

Glacier Gorge trail is 9 3/5 miles long. If you need to rest every 1/2 mile, how many rest stops will you need?
a) 19 stops
b) 12 stops
c) 20 stops
d) 18 stops

Glacier Gorge trail is 9 3/5 miles long. Mrs. Moody can bike the trail in 3 1/5 hours. How many miles per hour can she bike the trail?
a) 3 mph
b) 3 3/5 mph
c) 27 mph
d) 3/5 mph

Draylan has 2 1/5 pizzas. He wants each friend to get a 1/3 pizza serving. How many friends can he serve?
a) 7 friends
b) 8 friends
c) 5 friends
d) 9 friends

Draylan has 2 1/2 pizzas. How many 1/3 size servings does he have?
a) 7 1/2 servings
b) 7 1/3 servings
c) 7 1/6 servings
d) 9/8 servings

Draylan has 2 1/2 pizzas to share with 7 friends. If each friend gets a 1/3 pizza serving, how much OF THE PIZZA is left over?
a) 1/6 of the pizza
b) 1/2 of the pizza
c) 1/3 of the pizza
d) 2/3 of the pizza

Angel is building a set for the school musical performance. He has a 3-foot board that he needs to equally divide into 1/2 foot pieces. How many pieces will he have after he cuts the board?
a) 6 pieces
b) 1 1/2 pieces
c) 3 pieces
d) 12 pieces

Noah has 1/3 of a pizza to share with Jay. How much of the pizza does each boy get to eat?
a) 1/6 of the pizza
b) 1/2 of the pizza
c) 1/3 of the pizza
d) 1 1/2 pizzas

Four students were given 1/3 pan of brownies to share equally. What size serving will each student receive?
a) 1/12 size serving
b) 1/4 size serving
c) 1 1/3 size serving
d) none of these

If Keith can run 5 miles in 3/4 of an hour, how long does it take him to run each mile?
a) 9 minutes
b) 6 2/3 hours
c) 12 minutes
d) 3 minutes

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