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Evidence to prove accused was elsewhere when the crime was committed
a) Witness
b) Testifier
c) Countersigner
d) Alibi

A person's past history
a) Autobiography
b) Antecedents
c) Biography
d) Memoirs

Intentional and or reckless act causing someone physical harm
a) Bodily harm
b) Attack
c) Assault
d) Injury

Release by police or court of person held in legal custody while awaiting trail or appeal against conviction
a) Security
b) Bail
c) Liberation
d) Plea

Usually means the three Magistrates sitting in court on a given day
a) Bench
b) Trio
c) Judge's Seat
d) Mitigation

An order issued by the court for the immediate arrest of someone
a) Warrant
b) Bench Warrant
c) Guarantee
d) Authorisation

Written instructions to a barrister from a solicitor relating to the representation of a client in legal proceedings
a) Report
b) Summary
c) Brief to Counsel
d) Brief

A court order issued to a person to appear in court
a) An order
b) Instruction
c) Summons
d) Remand

A memorandum at the end of an affidavit which shows details of how the affidavit was sworn ie before whom, when and where
a) Execution
b) Jurat
c) Attestation Clause
d) Testimonium Clause

An offence which can only be tried in the Crown Court
a) Indictable Offence
b) Criminal Offence
c) Either way Offence
d) Legal Offence

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