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Sound is caused by
a) an object that is electrically charged
b) an object that is reflecting light
c) an object that is vibrating
d) an object that is not moving

An object that lets most light pass through is
a) transparent
b) translucent
c) opaque
d) there is no such object

Two properties of sound are
a) volume and speed
b) pitch and direction
c) pitch and frequency
d) volume and pitch

The pitch of a sound can be changed by
a) changing the rate of vibrations
b) changing how loud the sound is
c) changing the direction of the sound
d) you cannot change the pitch of a sound

When light strikes a brick wall
a) most of the light is reflected
b) most of the light is absorbed
c) most of the light is refracted
d) most of the light is bent

How does light travel through the air?
a) Light bends around objects.
b) Light travels in a curved path.
c) Light travels in a straight line.
d) Light makes loops as it travels.

Sound travels fastest through
a) solids
b) liquids
c) the air
d) outer space

A vibrating rubberband makes a sound. If the rubberband begins to vibrate faster
a) the pitch of the sound will increase and be higher
b) the pitch of the sound will decrease and be lower
c) the pitch of the sound will stay the same
d) the rubberband will break

A mirror, a chalk board, and a door are examples of
a) transparent objects
b) translucent objects
c) refracting objects
d) opaque objects

Which is NOT true about light and sound?
a) Both light and sound travel in waves.
b) Both light and sound require particles of matter.
c) Both light and sound are forms of energy
d) Both light and sound can be reflected

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