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Theodore Roosevelt ran as a candidate of the Bull Moose Party in 1912.Who ran as a candidate of the Bull Moose Party in 1912 against Republican William Howard Taft and Democrat Woodrow Wilson?
a) William McKinley
b) Grover Cleveland
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Warren G. Harding

Yellow Journalism distorts facts. Which phrase accurately describes the term yellow journalism?
a) investigative reporting into the outbreak and spread of contagious diseases that threaten public health
b) news reporting that distorts or exaggerates facts to create sensation and attract readers
c) editorial pieces that demonstrate an evenhanded evaluation of government policies
d) news coverage of current political and economic events in Asia and the Pacific region

Theodore Roosevelt focused on conservation and the environment.Which statement accurately describes an aspect of Theodore Roosevelt's presidency?
a) He reduced America's involvement in foreign affairs.
b) He popularized conservation and respect for natural wonders.
c) He signed a law granting U.S. citizenship to Native Americans.
d) He refused to take legal action against monopolies and trusts.

Taft wanted to be chief justice of the Supreme Court more than president. Which position did William Howard Taft want more than the presidency of the United States?
a) president of Princeton University
b) chief justice of the Supreme Court
c) secretary of the navy
d) governor of New Jersey

Minorities did not benefit from Wilson's policies. Which group did not benefit from Woodrow Wilson's progressive policies?
a) workers
b) farmers
c) minorities
d) consumers

Panama Canal Zone was acquired in 1903. Which U.S. territory was acquired in 1903 and is located in Central America?
a) Panama Canal Zone
b) Puerto Rico
c) the Virgin Islands
d) Guantánamo Bay

The Virgin Islands was acquired during WW1. Which U.S. territory was acquired during World War I?
a) Howland Island
b) Philippines
c) Johnston Atoll
d) the Virgin Islands

People in outlying areas cannot vote for president and congress. Which is an American right that people in outlying US states do not have?
a) participating in elections for their governors
b) voting fully in Congress and for the president
c) sending mail through the U.S. postal service
d) traveling freely around the United States

America sent fresh troops to stop Germany's advance and America became patriotic. What are the results of America's entry into WW1?
a) England ceded control of its colonial empire to Germany
b) The United States joined the League of Nations to help prevent another war.
c) Fresh American troops helped stem the German advance and gain victory.Americans felt a surge of patriotic fervor.

The Phillippines became a territory of the United States after the US victory in the Spanish American War. Which country became a territory of the United States?
a) the Badlands
b) Jamaica
c) Mexico
d) the Philippines

Germany secretly made an alliance with Mexico to fight against the US. America fought with the Allies for this reason.
a) President Wilson thought a declaration of war would help the struggling U.S. economy.
b) Germany made a secret offer to Mexico to form an alliance to fight the United States.
c) France promised to turn over its colonial territories to the United States in return for aid.
d) American citizens in Germany were being severely mistreated by the German government.

José Martí did not lead Spanish troops in an attack on Ybor City, Florida. Which one of the statements below is not true.
a) Spanish authorities mistreated the people of Cuba.
b) The U.S.S. Maine blew up in Havana harbor.
c) José Martí led Spanish troops in an attack on Ybor City, Florida.
d) American newspaper publishers pushed public opinion in favor of war.

The Fourteen Points included: free trade (no tariffs); end to secret pacts between nations; arms reduction, formation of League of Nations. America didn't join the League so it failed. Tell about the 14 Points and why it failed.
a) n/a
b) 14 Points included free trade, reduction of arms. It failed because America didn't want to join the League of Nations.
c) n/a

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