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Why would industrialists in the North favor tariffs durnig the early 1800's?
a) people would buy more American products
b) they wanted to dance more
c) they ilked food
d) they wanted to play soccer

Which 1828 political party supported Andrew Jackson?
a) Democrat
b) Whig
c) Republican
d) Party

What term describes a strategy, plan, course of action?
a) copper
b) federalism
c) policy
d) seperation of power

In 1836, the Cherokee were given 2 years to do what?
a) party
b) dance
c) cook dinner
d) migrate

Who supported the National Bank?
a) Leisa Patterson
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) George Washington

How did Jackson respond to the Superem Court decisino to protect the rights of the Cherokee?
a) obeyed it
b) ignored it
c) wanted to help uphold it
d) wrote a book about it

Why was the election of President Jackson such a big deal?
a) it was shift in political power from the elite to the common person
b) he was the first Mexican president
c) he was seen as a wealthy elitist
d) his wife was the former president's sister

Which party supported Jackson's campaign?
a) republican
b) whig
c) democrat
d) green

How was slavery handled during the Jackson era?
a) Northern states wanted to keep slavery legal
b) Slaves were freed
c) Slaves were given the right to vote
d) Southern states relied on slaves for their economy

What was the significance of Gibbons v Ogden?
a) only federal government can regulate interstate commerce?
b) freedom of speech was protected
c) it freed the slaves
d) Ms. Foster is the best teacher ever

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