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_____________________ is the force that causes Earth to orbit the Sun.
a) Gravity
b) Force
c) Weight
d) Velocity

Does friction speed up an object or slow it down? _______________________
a) Slow Down
b) Speed Up

Where is a person’s center of mass?
a) chest and stomach
b) head
c) hips and butt
d) legs

A ___________________ is an example of a compound machine.
a) lawnmower
b) wheel and axle
c) baseball bat
d) shovel

A _______________________ is NOT a simple machine.
a) teeter totter
b) wrench
c) shovel
d) tooth

The pivot point of a lever is called a _________________.
a) fulcrum
b) wedge
c) screw
d) wheel and axle

Name the 6 simple machines.
a) wedge, lever, wheel and axle, screw, inclined plane, pulley
b) wedge, fulcrum, wheel and axle, inclined plane, pulley
c) wedge, lever, gear, screw, inclined plane, fulcrum
d) pivot, lever, wheel and axle, screw, inclined plane, pulley

A(n) _______________ is a moving inclined plane.
a) wedge
b) teeter totter
c) staircase
d) elevator

A knife is a ___________________.
a) Wedge
b) Wheel and Axle
c) Lever
d) Screw

A door knob is a ___________________.
a) Wheel and axle
b) wedge
c) lever
d) Inclined Plane

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