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Bingo is an example of what type of player interaction pattern?
a) multilateral competition
b) team competition
c) cooperative play
d) multiple individual players vs game

The objective in this game is to arrange your game pieces in a certain spatial configuration
a) capture
b) solution
c) outwit
d) alignment

in the game 'connect Four' be the first player to place 4 units in a contiguous line on the playing grid is an example of what kind of game objective
a) capture
b) solution
c) outwit
d) alignment

The highest chess piece is
a) bishop
b) queen
c) rook
d) king

The primary objective category for Chess is
a) chase
b) alignment
c) capture
d) race

Tag and dodge ball are examples of
a) player vs. player
b) unilateral competition
c) multilateral competition
d) cooperative play

Which ofo the following is a game without a scoring system
a) darts
b) basketball
c) pinball
d) chess

Sit down at the computer and start writing like crazy. Don't worry about being coherent. Don't thing about punctuation or spelling. After 10 minutes spewing words on a particular topic, read over what you have done
a) randomize it
b) list creation
c) idea cards
d) stream of consciousness

what is the most common pattern for digital gaming?
a) single player vs. game
b) multiple individual players versus game
c) player vs. player
d) unilateral competition

The hearts in the upper corner on an electronic game represent
a) the friendliness of the player
b) the points the player has earned
c) the health of the player
d) the time left in the game

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