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2 or more players work together against the game system
a) cooperative play
b) unilateral competition
c) multilateral competition
d) team competition

In multiplayer games, _____is/are typically the main source of conflict
a) resources
b) barriers
c) rules
d) other players

Creating a sense of competition which is enjoyable so that players will submit themselves to the inefficient means of meeting objectives in order to gain a sense of achievement from game participation
a) territory
b) procedures
c) conflict
d) barriers

2 or more players compete against 1 player
a) player vs. player
b) unilateral competition
c) multilateral competition
d) single player vs. game

Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, survivor all have what type of game objective
a) solution
b) outwit
c) race
d) capture

In Super Mario Brothers, rescue princess toadstool from the evil bowser by completing all 8 worlds is an example of
a) construction
b) solution
c) rescue or escape
d) exploration

In sudoku, 'fill in all missing numbers on the sheet by using information contained on the sheet' is an example of which game objective?
a) solution
b) outwit
c) alignment
d) rescue or escape

natural resources and game resources found in the game of Checkers are the same in that
a) both are renewable
b) they are not different
c) only one is renewable
d) conflict emerges if they become scarce

A game system that clearly defines that which is within the game vs that which is outside of the game
a) a closed game
b) a digital game
c) an open game
d) a board game

an example of a terrain with a special value is____
a) the 'Double Jeopardy' square
b) the Ace of Spades
c) A5 on 'battleship'
d) the first cup in mancala

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