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What best describes the term 'discrimination'?
a) Unfair treatment because of prejudice
b) A law that banned the Ku Klux Klan
c) to take voting rights away
d) education for poor and minorities

Who had the first and easiest plan for Reconstruction?
a) Johnson
b) Lincoln
c) Congress
d) Sherman

Why was Lincoln unable to use his plan for Reconstruction?
a) The Radical Republicans voted him out of office.
b) Lincoln was assassinated before he could go through with his plan.
c) William T. Sherman took over Reconstruction from Lincoln.
d) Lincoln's presidency ended when his term was over in 1864.

What group in Congress wanted to push harder Reconstruction plans on Southern states?
a) Democrats
b) Radical Republicans
c) Secessionists
d) Progressives

Why were the legislators kicked out of the Georgia General Assembly?
a) Because the Ku Klux Klan had a rally and kicked them out.
b) They committed fraud and were asked to leave because of the Fraud.
c) William T. Sherman kicked them out of office
d) They were told that they had the right to vote in Georgia, but not the right to hold political office.

What is the name of the African-American legislator from Georgia who was kicked out of the General Assembly? (Hint: He was a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church)
a) Henry Grady
b) Henry McNeal Turner
c) Tunis G. Campbell
d) Frederick Douglass

How many amendments did Georgia ratify during Reconstruction?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 2
d) 4

What happened to Georgia because they refused to ratify (or approve) the 14th Amendment?
a) Atlanta was burned to the ground.
b) Georgia was placed under military rule.
c) Georgia was allowed to re-enter the Union, but only as a territory.
d) Georgia went through another war because it refused to ratify the 14th Amendment

What group of voters did the KKK want to scare?
a) Republicans
b) Democrats
c) Progressives
d) Whigs

What act was put into place in Georgia because of KKK violence?
a) Georgia Act
b) Military Act
c) Progressive Act
d) Violence Act

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