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To determine the concentration of a solution in molarity units, you need to know all of the following except
a) mass of solvent.
b) mass of solute.
c) total volume of solution.
d) chemical formula solute.

A solution that contains as much solute as can possibly be dissolved under the existing conditions is said to be
a) saturated.
b) supersaturated.
c) soluble.
d) concentrated.

Supersaturated solutions are characterized by
a) having a larger amount of solute than can be dissolved.
b) being super hot.
c) having great stability.
d) being able to exist at super-low temperatures.

In solution formation, energy is needed to
a) separate the solute particles from each other.
b) warm the solvent and solute
c) melt the substance
d) keep the solution stable

Energy is always given off in solution formation when
a) solute particles become attracted to solvent molecules.
b) solvent molecules are forced apart in the mixing process.
c) solute particles separate prior to their solvation.
d) endothermic reactions occur.

The energy involved in the formation of a solution will be
a) exothermic if solvation forces are higher than the forces required to separate solute particles and solvent molecules.
b) given off if it is a water solution.
c) absorbed if the solution is solid.
d) exothermic if the solution is gaseous.

Which of the following is not an important factor influencing solubility?
a) volume of solvent
b) chemical nature of solute
c) chemical nature of solvent
d) temperature

Common nonpolar solvents include all of the following except
a) salt water.
b) carbon tetrachloride.
c) hexane.
d) vegetable oil.

Ionic solids best dissolve liquid solvents that are
a) polar.
b) nonpolar.
c) viscous.
d) transparent.

Which of the following's solubility is most affected by pressure?
a) gases
b) alloys
c) ionic solids
d) supersaturated solutions.

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