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A mineral is inorganic, which means that it contains
a) compounds.
b) materials made by humans.
c) parts of living things.
d) no materials that were once part of living things.

An example of a mineral made up of a pure element is
a) coal.
b) copper.
c) quartz.
d) glass.

Although brick, steel, and glass all come from substances found in Earth's crust, they are NOT classified as minerals because
a) they are organic.
b) they are not naturally occurring.
c) they are too hard.
d) they have many uses.

The repeating pattern of a mineral's particles forms a solid called a(n)
a) crystal.
b) element.
c) compound.
d) rock.

The color of a mineral's powder is called its
a) streak.
b) luster.
c) density.
d) hardness.

If you broke a mineral into tiny pieces, each piece would
a) a still show the same crystal structure.
b) be organic.
c) be roughly the same size.
d) be metallic.

What is the hardest known mineral?
a) talc
b) quartz
c) diamond
d) gold

Most minerals do NOT split apart evenly. Instead, they have a characteristic type of
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) crystal
d) luster

What crystal shape does halite have?
a) cubic
b) monoclinic
c) heagonal
d) glassy

The term used to describe how light is reflected from a mineral's surface is
a) fluorescence.
b) streak.
c) density.
d) luster.

The softest mineral on the Mohs hardness scale is
a) quartz.
b) talc.
c) apatite.
d) gypsum.

Amber is not an example of a mineral because
a) it was made from a living thing.
b) it is inorganic
c) it is a solid.
d) it has a definite chemical structure.

A mineral is always a(n) ____ because it has a definite volume and shape.
a) inorganic
b) streak
c) organic
d) solid

Most minerals are chemical ____ in which two or more elements are combined.
a) reactions
b) compounds
c) crystals
d) cleavage

One way to identify a mineral is to rub it against a piece of unglazed tile to observe its
a) hardness.
b) cleavage.
c) streak.
d) luster.

What would happen if you rubbed a piece of fluorite against a piece of feldspar?
a) Fluorite would be scratched.
b) Feldspar would be scratched.
c) Both would be scratched.
d) Neither would be scratched.

Which minerals in the Mohs hardness scale would scratch quartz?
a) talc, gypsum and calcite
b) fluorite, apatite, and feldspar
c) apatite, felspar, and corundum
d) topaz, corundum, and diamond

A mineral glows under ultraviolet light. What special property does this mineral have?
a) magnetism
b) fluorescence
c) optical property
d) reactivity

A mineral produces a double image when placed on a worksheet. What special property does this mineral have?
a) magnetism
b) fluorescence
c) optical property
d) reactivity

A mineral has a mass of 45 grams and a volume of 9 cubic centimeters. What is its volume?
a) 2025 g/cm3
b) 5 g/cm3
c) 0.2 g/cm3
d) 54 g/cm3

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