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The recognition network represents the
a) The WHAT of learning
b) The WHY of learning
c) The WHERE of learning
d) The HOW of learning

UDL is necessary because
a) Dr T says so
b) special education law requires it
c) individuals bring a huge variety of skills, needs, interests to the classroom
d) because students with disabilities are hard to work with

Which is NOT one of the three primary brain networks that play a role in learning?
a) Recognition
b) Visual
c) Affective
d) Strategic

Which cues best aid students in comprehending content material?
a) Supporting verbal information with text.
b) Connecting words / ideas visually to pictures.
c) Audio, visual and kinesthetic
d) All of the above

Poorly designed curriculum targets the average student which is problematic because
a) even the average student needs UDL
b) the average student is boring
c) there is no such thing as the average student
d) the average student would do well with any curriculum

All of the following are example of Universal Design EXCEPT
a) stairs
b) closed captioning
c) curb cuts
d) automatic doors

UDL provides a blueprint for creating
a) lesson plans that will impress your supervisor
b) instructional goals, methods and materials that will work for everyone
c) a classroom management system
d) chocolate chip cookies

All of these are UDL principles EXCEPT
a) Provide Multiple Means of Representation
b) Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression
c) Provide Multiple Means of Engagement
d) Provide Multiple Means of Behavior Management

The affective network affects the
a) the HOW of learning
b) the WHAT of learning
c) the WHY of learning
d) the WHO of learning

The MOST important UDL principle is probably
a) Multiple Means of Action and Expression
b) Multiple Means of Representation
c) Multiple Means of Engagement
d) Multiple Means of Candy Crush

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