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In orthographic projection, lines arre formed by projecting edges of the object onto planes. The images formed on the planes are called:
a) Sides
b) Views
c) Points
d) Tangencies

Hidden edges are indicated by:
a) Alternate, long and then short, dash lines
b) Thick, dark, solid lines
c) Uniform 1/8 in. long dashes
d) Two short dashes followed by one long dash.

According to the correct arrangement of views, the BACK VIEW would be placed adjacent to the:
a) Top view
b) Left side view
c) Right side view
d) Bottom view

A fast and accurate method of constructing the side view once the top and front views are established is by using a:
a) Hidden line
b) Miter line
c) Width line
d) Metered line

Surfaces or edges that CANNOT be seen in the views are drawn with:
a) Centerlines
b) Visible/Object lines
c) Hidden lines
d) No lines

The most often combination of views includes the:
a) Top, front, and right side
b) Top, front, and left side
c) Top, front, right side, left side, and back
d) Top and right side

What three dimensions do all objects have?
a) Height, width, and radius
b) Angle, height and depth
c) Height, width, and depth
d) Angle, depth, and radius

Drawings of objects with very little thickness (like an erasing sheild) require:
a) One view
b) Two views
c) Three views
d) Four views

a) Throw backward at an angle of 45 degrees and draw
b) Throw forward at an angle of 45 degrees and draw
c) Throw forward at right angles and draw
d) Rotate the object at 45 degrees to the picture plane

The face of the object that have the most descriptive feature(s) should be the:
a) Back
b) Front
c) Right side
d) Top

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