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You create a document by using Microsoft Word 2010. You want to place a title in the center of the page. Which feature can you use to do this?
a) Font style
b) Spacing
c) Alignment
d) Font size

Which type of program can you use to create business cards and brochures?
a) Moviemaker
b) Antivirus
c) Desktop publishing (DTP)
d) Instant messenger

Which program can help you detect and prevent malicious activities on your computer?
a) Spyware-fighting software
b) Ethernet
c) Worm
d) Trojan horse

Which action can you describe as a copyright violation?
a) Sharing a website address.
b) Quoting a paragraph and metioning the source.
c) Reading material from a publicly available website.
d) Distributing someone else's original work as your own.

You like to help install new computers on a network, add and remove indiviuals from a list of authorized users, and archive files on a computer. Which job role should you consider?
a) Database administrator
b) Graphics designer
c) Network administrator
d) Software developer

Everyday, you receive e-mail messages from unknown senders. What is the term for this type of security threat?
a) Slander
b) Spoofing
c) Phishing
d) Spam

What is the status of a computer that is connected to the Internet?
a) Offline
b) Logged Off
c) Online
d) Stand by

Which technology can a website use to allow you to listen to a concert live over the Internet?
a) Speech recognition
b) Streaming
c) Speech synthesis
d) Sampling

Which technology will ensure that transactions between your computer and an online store are secure?
a) Cookies
b) Antivirus program (AP)
c) Microsoft Windows Firewall (MWF)
d) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

What is the purpose of Microsoft Windows Firewall?
a) Restricts unauthorized access.
b) Blocks pop-up windows.
c) Installs security patches.
d) Blocks word-processing programs.

What is the Internet?
a) An electronic device for printing documents.
b) A power backup source.
c) A software program installed on a computer.
d) A worldwide collection of computer networks.

You use a word processor to create and save a text-based document on your computer. What type of information is the text in your document?
a) Data
b) Application
c) Operation system
d) Hardware

What is hardware?
a) Instructions what make programs work.
b) An item of information.
c) Rules designed to enable computers to connect with one another.
d) The physical parts of a computer.

Which device can you use to play an audio CD?
a) Analog camcorder
b) Microphone
c) DVD player
d) Transistor radio

You use your digital camera to record your friend riding his new bike. You want to remove the portion in the video where he skids. What type of software will you use to do this?
a) Digital video editing
b) Presentation
c) IM
d) Desktop Publishing

You want to send an e-mail to 2 friends. You do not want the second friend to see the e-mail id of your first friend. Which field should you select to mark your first friend's e-mail id?
a) Subject
b) BCC
c) CC
d) To

What is the term for the point of intersection of a row and column?
a) Value
b) Worksheet
c) Label
d) Cell

Which part of a computer performs calculations?
a) CPU
b) DVD
c) Hard disk
d) Monitor

Which device can you use to record a video?
a) CD player
b) Camcorder
c) MP3 player
d) Scanner

Which type of online community can you use to create an online journal?
a) Chat group
b) News group
c) Bulletin board
d) Blog

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