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This Review Covers All Of Earth Science And Light, Sound And Heat From Physical Science.[print questions]

Which of the following is a slow change?
a) landslides
b) avalanches
c) erosion
d) earthquakes

The sun SEEMS to move across the sky in what direction?
a) East to West
b) West to East
c) South to East
d) North to West

This is a form of energy that is caused by vibrations
a) heat
b) light
c) taste
d) sound

The molecules inside of this state of matter are spread VERY far apart & rarely bump into one another.
a) liquid
b) gas
c) solid
d) water

This air mass brings clear and sunny skies, if there is precipitation, it is very light and is over very quickly.
a) warm
b) strong
c) cold
d) blizzard

This measurement can be taken by dropping the object in water. The amount of water that rises or is displaced gives you the measurement of the object.
a) density
b) volume
c) speed
d) mass

This instrument is used to measure time.
a) barometer
b) thermometer
c) sundial
d) wind vane

This is a slow process that occurs when land is broken down into smaller pieces.
a) tsunami
b) weathering
c) erosion
d) humus

This is the condition of the air in a given place at a given time.
a) time
b) rapid changes
c) luster
d) weather

All of these are natural resources EXCEPT:
a) wood
b) water
c) concrete
d) metal

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