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What is the name given to members of Congress who supported war against Great Britain in the early 1800’s?
a) War Hawks
b) Patriots
c) Jayhawks
d) Loyalists

President Monroe stated that “No other country should try to colonize...North or South America or it would be considered an act of agression”. What was this known as?
a) Embargo Act of 1807
b) Pinckney’s Treaty
c) Monroe Doctine
d) Declaration of Neutrality

The last battle in the War of 1812 was fought after the Treaty of Ghent was signed. What was the name of this battle?
a) Battle of Horseshoe Bend
b) Battle of New Orleans
c) Battle of Lake Erie
d) Battle of Lake Champlain

Who wrote the “Star Spangled Banner”?
a) William Henry Harrison
b) Andrew Jackson
c) James Madison
d) Francis Scott Key

The Mexican-American War was fought over the issue of __.
a) rights of Indians
b) money
c) control of Texas
d) Regilon

The idea that Americans have the right and duty to expand west is best described as what?
a) American Dream
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Industrial Revolution
d) American System

Along with more territory in the west and new inventions, internal improvements were needed to help with western expansion. which of the following is NOT an internal improvement that helped Americans travel by land?
a) railroads
b) Canals
c) trails
d) Roads

While Western Expansion created opportunities fro some people, it had a negative impact on others such as __.
a) Lewis and Clark
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Native Americans
d) Supreme Court

Which of the following does NOT describe Henry Clay?
a) Served in Congress for several years and even ran for President
b) Proposed the American System
c) Was a powerful political figure during the mid 1800s
d) Came up with the idea of Manifest Destiny

Sojourner Truth was to African American slaves what Dorothea Dix was to _______. Which best completes the analogy?
a) Education Reform
b) Prison Reform
c) Women’s Rights
d) Temperance

Which best describes the favoring of native-born citizens over immigrants?
a) Nativism
b) Socialism
c) Sectionalism
d) Nationalism

What was the most basic belief of the Second Great Awakening?
a) America needed reform.
b) Society should be perfected.
c) America was in trouble.
d) America could be reformed only through a moral and spiritual rebirth,

Manifest Destiny became a rallying cry for American’s who believed that it was God’s plan for America to do which of the following?
a) Adopt Protestantism
b) Abolish slavery in all states
c) Convert all Natives to Christianity
d) Extend the nation from coast to coast

All of the following pairs of inventors and their inventions are matched correctly except which one?
a) Robert Fulton perfected the railroad
b) Eli Whitney invented interchangeable parts.
c) Francis Lowell introduced mass production
d) Samuel Morse perfected the telegraph

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