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What two tools are used to collect wind direction and wind speed data?
a) weather vane and anemometer
b) anemometer and hygrometer
c) anemometer and barometer
d) weather vane and barometer

When a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet, what is likely to happen?
a) The weather stays the same.
b) It will rain.
c) The weather usually changes.
d) It will snow.

How does heat from the sun affect the temperature of our atmosphere?
a) The temperature is always the same.
b) The temperature is always changing.
c) The temperature is always cold in the winter.
d) The temperature is always hot in the summer.

Which is NOT a feature of the weather?
a) the temperature of the air
b) the types of clouds in the sky
c) the position of the stars
d) the speed of the wind

What is true of all air masses?
a) They are the same temperature and contain the same amount of moisture.
b) They blend together with other air masses along fronts.
c) They always travel from east to west.
d) They are always moving toward high pressure.

From which direction does most weather move?
a) east to west
b) north to south
c) west to east
d) south to north

What kinds of data does a weather map show?
a) cloud cover, constellations, air pressure, and air temperature
b) cloud cover, air temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation
c) cloud cover, air temperature, types of mountains, wind speed
d) cloud cover, wind speed, location of rivers, air temperature

Which weather conditions can be measured using tools?
a) temperature, wind speed, wind direction, amount of precipitation, air pressure
b) wind, rain, seasons, temperature
c) temperature, wind speed, clouds, air pressure
d) wind speed and direction, clouds, precipitation

Which weather tool measures air temperature?
a) barometer
b) anemometer
c) weather vane
d) thermometer

What is a weather front?
a) the opposite of a weather back
b) the place where 2 different air masses meet
c) where most weather changes take place
d) answers 2 and 3

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