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What game objective is used in winning the game Pole position?
a) outwit
b) race
c) rescue
d) chase

Classic structure for strategy games and one-on-one makes competition a personal contest
a) team competition
b) unilateral competition
c) player vs player
d) multilateral competition

If a winning state has been ______, gameplay is resolved and the game is ______.
a) achieved/over
b) determined/continued
c) decided/turned over to the other player
d) undecided/over

The objective of this type of game is to catch or elude an opponent
a) capture
b) chase
c) alignment
d) race

What could be a consequence in a game that has too many rules?
a) keeps the game fair
b) could correct all possible contingencies
c) makes the game more fun
d) makes the game unplayable

What player interaction pattern has action not directed at each player with no interaction between players
a) single player vs game
b) multiple individual players vs game
c) player vs. player
d) unilateral competition

What game objective is used in winning the game Parchesi?
a) solution
b) chase
c) rescue
d) alignment

What game procedure is characterized by the statement 'choose a player to go first'
a) special actions: conditional to other elements or game state
b) starting action: how to put the game into play
c) resolving actions : bring gameplay to a close
d) Progression of Action: ongoing procedures after starting the game

'Do not pass go, do not collect $200' This rule is applied when a player is sent to jail from any spot on the board. This prevents the player from being rewarded instead of punished.
a) rules are seldom important
b) rules can create unexpected problems
c) rules may communicate important information to the players
d) rules may close loopholes

Games are designed around _________.
a) unequal distribution of resources
b) fair distribution of resources
c) equal distribution of resources
d) resources that treat each player equally

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