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What game procedure is characterized by the statement: start button press this button to start the game
a) resolving actions: bring gameplay to a close
b) starting action: How to put the game into play
c) special actions: conditional to other elements or game state
d) progression of action ongoing procedures after starting the game

Name the game procedure: conditional to other elements or game state:
a) progression of action(s)
b) special action(s)
c) resolving action(s)
d) starting action(s)

Which of the following would be included in the game of Backgammon
a) strategy
b) chance
c) race
d) all of the above

Now that you have your top 10 ideas in your group, have each person put the list into rank order--assign a number value from one to 10.
a) brainstorming
b) nominal group technique
c) list organization
d) flow charting

The lowes hand in poker is
a) pair
b) full house
c) high card
d) straight flush

Unequal distribution of resources creates
a) conflict
b) tension
c) resolution
d) both a and b

When playing football, Leon kept being penalized by running outside the limits of the field. Leon complained to his coach. Leon did not understand:
a) game boundaries
b) game territory
c) game concepts
d) game limits

Bingo is an example of
a) multilateral competition
b) unilateral competition
c) multiple individual players vs. game
d) cooperative play

_____is one of th emost powerful resources used in games. ______is used to facilitate trade _______creates an in-game economy.
a) rules
b) territory
c) currency
d) points

The objective in this game is to arrange your game pieces in a certain spatial configuration
a) rescue or escape
b) alignment
c) construction
d) chase

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