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How can a 2D texture appear seamless when applied to a 3D object?
a) scaling
b) tiling
c) UVW mapping
d) shading

What type of light in a 3D program does NOT come from any one point?
a) local
b) point
c) ambient
d) spot

In a three light layout, the light that is positioned above and to the front or side of the objects in the scene is the
a) ambient light
b) key light
c) backlight
d) fill light

What 3D mapping technique creates the illusion of shiny metals and glass by bouncing rays off the object's surface
a) bump map
b) solid map
c) reflection map
d) UVW map

Which term BEST describes a light that has an inside circle of bright light(hot spot) joined to an outside circle of light that gradually falls off and is less intense?
a) distance light
b) spot light
c) colonization of light
d) key light

What does the falloff setting change or do to a light setup in a 3D scene?
a) describes how the light's shadow is placed
b) measures the amount of light fade or lessening of intensity
c) simulates the diminishing (fading) of a light's intensity over a distance
d) causes the light to dim in proportion to how far the light is away from its source

What 3D scene light adds depth to the scene by separating the objects from the background, giving them more of a defined shape? This light is placed behind the objects in the scene and is about 50-100% of the intensity of the main light.
a) spot light
b) back light
c) fill light
d) key light

What camera technique is a measurement of focus accuracy for a given distance? For example, when one looks at a scene, the main subject may be in focus while the background and foreground would appear blurred?
a) zoom
b) motion blur
c) depth of field
d) field of view

What is true concerning light settings in a 3D animation program?
a) decreasing the light's intensity will make the light brighter
b) the location of the light is measured in the P axis
c) the light's angle of incidence specifies the P-axis location of a light
d) the light's color element uses the RGB scale

When working with a 3D model, what is UVW mapping?
a) wire frame display used as a base to attach a texture map
b) how a texture map is applied to an object on the X,Y and Z axes
c) A method of projection mapping used to apply a texture to an object
d) the method of tiling or repeating a pattern on an object

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