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Bump maps in 3D modeling programs are created by
a) altering of surface polygon height
b) illusion of light and dark areas
c) movement of the polygon vertices
d) modification of polygon angles

What would typically be a texture map?
a) 2D image
b) phong pattern
c) boolean
d) 3D solid

How can an object appear more transparent?
a) decrease specular
b) decrease opacity
c) increase opacity
d) increase specular

When a computer graphics surface has roughness, it has been assigned a:
a) surface map
b) bump map
c) pattern map
d) texture map

medium distance camera shots in a computer graphics scene would be used to
a) show close-ups or small details
b) define the environment or area
c) blur everything in the scene
d) make gestures of movement clear

objects in a computer graphics scene closest to the light source are
a) dimmer
b) shadowed
c) brighter
d) darker

in a computer graphics 3-light layout, the light that is positioned opposite the key light is the:
a) ambient light
b) backlight
c) key light
d) fill light

the naturally occuring light in the world around a person is called
a) penumbra
b) infinite or directional light
c) dropoff or fall off
d) ambient light

The type of computer graphics light that produces a fuzziness around the edge of a hotspot is the
a) directional light
b) spotlight
c) point light
d) area light

An example of a computer graphics light that resembles a light bulb is a/an
a) point light
b) infinite light
c) spotlight
d) area light

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