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in a three-light computer graphics layout, the light that produces the shadows is the
a) ambient light
b) backlight
c) key light
d) fill light

What is NOT a computer assisted 3D animation process?
a) path controller
b) particle system
c) key frame
d) morphing

Which term describes a computer animation technique that fills in the missing frames between key frames?
a) spline-based
b) single path
c) tweening
d) multiple path

Which video editing technique allows one to make a gradual change from one video clip to another by using special effects?
a) alpha channel
b) transitions
c) time stamping
d) bins

Which is not a still image output for a project on a PC
a) BMP
b) AVI

What is the term for the number of frames used in an animation and how fast they will run?
a) frame rate
b) play time
c) run time
d) scene rate

What frame rate is used in European markets?
a) AVI
c) PAL
d) WAV

What output size would result in the greatest render time?
a) 256x243
b) 512x446
c) 320x240
d) 800x600

How can you produce the various speeds of movement associated with a bouncing ball
a) edit the in and out movements for each key frame
b) use the sweep tool to move the ball in the correction motion
c) make the ball follow a path using a path controller
d) make all frames in an animation key frames

what is the most common type of compression used in animation
b) cinepak
c) Mov

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