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The naturally occurring light in the world around a person is called
a) penumbra
b) falloff
c) ambient
d) infinite or directional light

Which is correct concerning 3D animation techniques?
a) tweening is changing of the shape of an object by twisting, stretching or squashing it
b) morphing is a gradual transition from one object into another
c) tweening is a simulation of natural occurrences such as gravity, wind and running water
d) morphing is a simulation of natural occurrences such as gravity, wind, and running water

What does opacity mean?
a) the dominant wavelength of light
b) how shiny an object is
c) how much light can pass through an object
d) the lightness or darkness of an object

what is an example of an audio format used in Scientific visualization?
b) AVI
c) WAV

What is produced when a student transforms an object during the 3D animation process?
a) key frame
b) tween
c) morph
d) controller

What computer would be best suited for a video editing center?
a) computer with a laser printer
b) computer with a scanner
c) computer with a large keyboard
d) computer with large amounts of RAM

When a computer graphics surface has roughness, it has been assigned a
a) bump map
b) pattern map
c) surface map
d) texture map

What can video editing software add to a rendered 3D scene?
a) nothing-video editing can't add new effects to rendered scenes
b) video editing software can add textures to the scene
c) enhances animations with sound, titles, and scene transitions
d) all images can be edited for content with the video editor

a Student has completed all the models and defined all motions that are to appear in an animation, what process is necessary to finish the animation and create an AVI file?
a) crop
b) render
c) animate
d) mask

What is not a single frame output?
a) AVI

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