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All solutions have the following properties except that the
a) final physical state of a solution is liquid.
b) solution particles do not spearate or settle out.
c) particles in a solution are evenly distributed.
d) dissolved particles are very small.

Which of the following statements applies to the dissolved solute particles in a solution?
a) They will be in the same phase as the solvent.
b) There will always be less solute than solvent.
c) They will settle out if left standing.
d) They can be seen with the unaided eye.

Which two substances are miscible in all proportions?
a) ethanol (alcohol) and water
b) water and mineral oil
c) water and gasoline
d) sugar and water

An alloy is an example of a
a) solid solution.
b) solid mixture but not a solution.
c) liquid solution.
d) gaseous solution.

All of the following are solutions except
a) a concrete building block.
b) antifreeze.
c) a sterling silver bracelet.
d) ocean water

Solutions with water as the solvent are called
a) aqueous solutions.
b) electrolytic.
c) miscible solutions.
d) liquids.

Molarity is expressed as
a) moles of solute/liters of solution.
b) moles of solute/moles of solvent.
c) moles of solute/liters of solvent.
d) moles of solvent/liters of solute.

Solution concentration expressed as moles of solute/kilograms of solvent is known as
a) molality.
b) millimolarity.
c) mole fraction.
d) molarity.

One way to measure solution concentration is by mole fraction, which is expressed as
a) moles of component/total moles of solution.
b) moles of solute/moles of solvent.
c) moles of solute A/moles of solute B.
d) solute percent of total moles.

To express a solution concentration in molality, you need to know all of th following except
a) total volume of solution.
b) chemical formula of solute.
c) mass of solute.
d) mass of solvent.

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