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a) moved foward
b) practiced often
c) earned first place
d) retired from play

a) put in danger
b) make dangerous
c) protect from danger
d) make safer

a) bumped and shaken
b) mixed together
c) scattered around
d) handled with care

a) moveing like a wave
b) drooping
c) shaking
d) snapping

a) moving wildly
b) moving gracefully
c) spinning
d) straightening

a) pulled tight
b) neat and tidy
c) badly tangled
d) secured to a post

a) bending easily
b) sore after exercising
c) quickly changing
d) highly trained

a) put into effect
b) rewrite
c) observe
d) temporarily suspend

a) added decoration to
b) made less fancy
c) made changes to
d) sewed

a) surround
b) be inside
c) spin
d) freeze

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