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What would be a plan 'B' for a powerpoint presentation?
a) overhead transparencies
b) computer and projector
c) desktop computer
d) laptop

Why should a student thoroughly research a topic for a powerpoint presentation?
a) the student needs to understand the topic before creating a storyboard and presentation
b) to have enough material from the internet to copy and paste on teh slides
c) endure that the firse 10 links that appear in an internet search are used in the presentation
d) make sure there is enough material for at least 30-40 presentation slides

What is correct about titles used in a Powerpoing presentation?
a) used to introduce the presenter
b) they should only be one word long
c) they set the tone of the presentation
d) should be all lower case letters

What program should a student use to create a slide show about lab safety rules?
a) word processing
b) 3D modeling
c) presentation
d) web editing

How should a PowerPoint presentation be presented to a large student body in a school auditorium?
a) on a TV screen
b) on a blackboard
c) with a data projector
d) from a computer monitor

How should text be used in a Powerpoint presentation
a) animating text keeps people from reading ahead
b) use more than 5 fonts per slide
c) all sentences should be long and detailed
d) use a different transition per slide

Which bullet would be acceptable for a tornado presentation in Power Point?
a) typical 'wedge tornado' is straight on the sides not funnel shaped and has a wide damage path
b) nature's most violent storms
c) althouth tornadoes occur in many parts of the world, these destructive forces of nature are found mostly in spring
d) some tornatoes may form during the early stages of rapidly developing thunderstorms

Which property of color is involved when making a Powerpoint background a darker blue?
a) balance
b) value
c) density
d) hue

What should a student remember about placing images in a Powerpoint presentation?
a) use as many images as possible on each slide
b) place images behind text on the text slides
c) use untouched images as backgrounds
d) place only 2 images per page

Which color choice is NOT correct
a) purple: royal, mystery
b) Red: danger, stop
c) Green: life, health
d) Dark blue: outgoing, sunny

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