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When Malik told his employer that he needed a special keyboard to do his work, what was that an example of?
a) self-advocacy
b) being greedy
c) self-concept

Elena’s mother told her it is important for Elena to show respect at work, school, and home. What does this mean for Elena?
a) She must show appreciation for people’s worth or qualities.
b) She has to look after, manage or take care of other people.
c) She is not guided by or controlled by other people.

In terms of governmental organizations, what does EEOC stand for?
a) Each and Every Opportunity Calls
b) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
c) Everyone’s Employment Opportunity Club

What is the purpose of an aptitude test?
a) to pass or fail
b) to help find careers based on interests and abilities
c) to get job certification

What might be a long–term goal?
a) Something a person wants to do now.
b) Something a person wants to do in the future.
c) Something a person wants to do with a friend.

What is on-the-job training?
a) Spending the day in the break room.
b) Learning the skills needed for the job while working.
c) A class you can take before going to work.

How should Kelly choose his work environment?
a) To suit his personality.
b) It should not be important.
c) He should let his supervisor choose it.

What is an example of a working condition?
a) a promotion
b) being allowed to talk on your cell phone during work
c) good office lighting

What should Larry do while climbing the career ladder?
a) Keep the same job for a long time.
b) Get promoted at reasonable time periods.
c) Keep the same job for a short time.

When does a worker usually receive a salary?
a) On a regular basis.
b) Only when he makes a sale.
c) Only when he misses less than 3 days of work.

Brenson worked overtime. What is the normal amount of hours in a week that is worked before overtime?
a) 50 hours per week
b) 20 hours per week
c) 40 hours per week

On a job application, who could Allison use as a reference?
a) mom and dad
b) brothers and sisters
c) employers and teachers

Mario wants to find a job in construction. Which agency could help him find a job like this?
b) Federal Reserve Agency
c) Employment Security Commission

What is the first thing Mario should do when entering the office for a job interview?
a) Introduce himself.
b) Ask how long it will be.
c) Tell his friend to come in with him.

John wants a job that will give him health insurance, dental insurance and some time off for vacation in the summer. What are these things called?
a) wages
b) benefits
c) salary

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